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Gun Cleaning Supplies for Sports & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Shop Skyline Center Gun Cleaning Kits, Products and Supplies

Shooters want the best gun cleaning patches, gun cleaning kits and gun cleaning solutions to maintain their weapons and keep their firearm in the best condition.

Cleaning the gun is essential to maintain accuracy because it may deteriorate with time due to dust, copper, and carbon fouling. Gun patches allow you to clean the gun and the bore efficiently and effectively as well. 

Skyline patches will enable you to clean your gun without harming the bore.  We use 100% cotton flannel, fleeced on both sides to be extra absorbent and consistent. 

All-natural fibers carry more solvent or oil into a bore than any synthetic patch can for superior cleaning power. Our natural material also offers the least amount of abrasive contact to the barrel’s rifling. 

Choose from toss pack, resealable bags, or carton boxed to fit your needs. Our patches are cut and packaged in the USA by persons with disabilities.

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