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Cleaning Supplies for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Shop Skyline for Industrial Grade Cleaning Cloths & Supplies

Skyline Center is a distributor of Industrial Grade Cleaning Cloths & Supplies. Products include 100% Cotton Flannel Patches, Cross Weave Patches, Super Duty 10 oz. Patches and Heavy Duty 6 oz. PatchesSkyline cleaning patches, cleaning clothes are top-rated and will definitely stand up to the challenge of all of your cleaning needs.

Some common cleaning applications include cleaning- melt flow indexers, melt plastometers, capillary rheometers, optics,  laboratory equipment or analysis of samples.

Our patches are fleeced on both sides to be extra absorbent, naturally wicking and consistent.  All-natural fibers carry more solvents than any synthetic patch can for superior cleaning power. The natural material also offers the least amount of abrasive contact to surfaces. 

Choose from toss pack, resealable bags, or carton boxed to fit your needs.  Our 100% cotton patches are cut and packaged in the USA by persons with disabilities.  

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