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Skyline Center Inc. prides itself on a history of providing our customers with the highest quality cleaning patches, cloths and gun cleaning kits. We’ve built our reputation on the principle of giving our customers quality and service at a competitive price. Every order is processed entirely in-house to insure quality control, proper turn-around and pinpoint accuracy.


Using Nature’s own, Skyline manufactures all of our products out of 100% pure cotton flannel. Extremely soft and efficiently absorbent, cotton provides you with a durable, supple, high grade material which can effectively clean built up residue, dirt, grease, and oil.


We have been providing industrial services to businesses in our area for over 56 years. Our production facility has an amazing staff, 40,000 square feet of warehousing, five loading docks, a computerized inventory system, and four forklifts, all available to provide customized services to handle your businesses requirements.


The unique structure of our business allows us to provide products and services to industry and challenged Americans who have some discernable disability. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. You will not be disappointed.